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Application for Zoning Confirmation Letter. Zoning Letter fee: $100.00 Nonrefundable. (Cash, Debit, Visa, Master Card, or Cheque made payable toHalifax...
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing halifax request zoning confirmation
US cities grow and develop sinks to a little-known and sometimes arcane set of rules and regulations known as the zoning code zoning influences everything for building heights to signage understanding the zoning code is key to understanding US cities and how to influence them for the better in this video and I go over the basics of zoning Im going to describe the pros and cons of zoning and finally Im going to tell you how you can influence the zoning code in your community to make the more walkable bikeable and equitable so lets start with zoning basics the zoning code consists of two basic parts the map and the regulations lets start with a map if youve ever played a SimCity game you have an idea of how a zoning map works every parcel in a city is placed in the zoning district that specifies the types of uses allowed now every city can create their own zoning districts but they all generally have the same basic types of districts they are residential from single-family homes to high-rise apartments in yellow commercial including retail restaurants and hotels colored red industrial in gray though some maps will show them in purple institutional which means schools and public buildings typically in blue and open space in green appropriately heres an example of a zoning map you can see that most of the city is residential in yellow theres a large industrial section in the Northeast and a few areas of commercial in red now zoning maps can get a lot more complicated than just five colors now in this example map here you can see all of the colors just mentioned with the addition of an orangish color for multi-family residential its common for zoning districts to separate not only uses but intensity of uses you often see C 1 C 2 and C 3 zones where the increasing number means it allows increasing levels of commercial density in addition you may also see overlay zones these zones as the name implies lays over the top of other zones and adds additional restrictions and regulations within them okay so thats the map it assigns every parcel to a district that has its own set of rules regarding use and intensity next up are the regulations themselves now this is what is only gets as reputation for being so boring theres no video game that simulates the writing of a zoning code but its what all the important stuff is located so lets dive in and make some sense out of it the zoning code or ordinance contains sections for each of the zones found in the map within these sections theres typically a youth table this table with all the permitted uses within each zone for example a youth table for commercial zones a bakery as an allowed use but an auto salvage yard is a not allowed use many news tables also classify some uses as conditional uses or special uses fetuses arent allowed outright but require some consultation and approval from the city government first its more of a case by case basis situations after the youth table comes the basic development...